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Coming imminently an alder version of the above pictured prototype, based on Boh's signature bass pictured below, will be available at BJD in see thru pink or red in April 2018.
​This bass features Aguilar electronics and a kts supported 32" scale neck with an alder body as standard.  
​The price will be around $2250 shipped and we will accept advance orders if you want to book one! Note this is not Boh's actual signature as pictured below, which is close to $4500 shipped, but is a cost performance version of it without the fancy QM top and luminlay dots....still bloody excellent stuff for the money though!...A really nice build that plays like a dream and sounds pretty much identical and looks almost the same as  Boh's.  
<![CDATA[Latest custom Atelier Z; Evolution plus.]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 10:59:51 GMThttp://dannymstewart.com/atelier-z-news/latest-custom-atelier-z-evolution-plusWeighing in at only 3.8kg this is by far the lightest Atelier Z we've seen. Despite its light weignt it kicks ass to the moon and back!
The bartolini XTCT with the added crossover gives extra wide response and the comprehensive tonal controls make the bass so versatile. Order your Atelier Z at Bass Japan Direct! It's easy and we offer comprehensive consultation and build management to get you the bass of your dreams from source to door.

Light ash body, inked red stain. Gloss top lacquer
Maple neck with pearl inlays and white trim, vintage clear natural lacquer.
JHJ pickups by atelier Z
Fv/Rv stack, master tone, hum/jazz mode sw, mid, bass/treb stack.
Hum vol, ac/pa mini sw.
Atelier Z 418 bridge / gotoh GB528 tuners with drop D.
<![CDATA[Latest Custom order in. M265 70's (ala Gerry Barnes)]]>Fri, 17 Feb 2017 22:55:28 GMThttp://dannymstewart.com/atelier-z-news/latest-custom-order-in-m265-70s-ala-gerry-barnes
<![CDATA[Latest Custom Builds from Atelier; M  243 Plus OWH]]>Fri, 17 Feb 2017 22:48:11 GMThttp://dannymstewart.com/atelier-z-news/latest-custom-builds-from-atelier-m-243-plus-owh
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Visited Atelier Z today to talk about this years orders.... smile emoticon
We had a great chat and talked shop....
Really top blokes....Father and son running a great business making some of Japans top end basses and guitars.
I just loved the atmosphere there and they were so kind and accommodating. Among some of the pics on the wall were Richard Bona, Bluey Maunik and Francis Hylton of Incognito! All previous or current users of Atelier Z bass guitars.

There was a wall of amps there just for testing their circuits...just about every amp and cab under the sun!

If you want an Atelier Z just holler I can arrange the build and offer great prices, as some of you already know ;)

I just started working with these guys this year so I don't have much to show yet.
But here's one of their top range beauties in action.
And at the lower end of the spectrum a JHJ189 (old review of mine)